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Social Responsibilities

New technologies from a core of software development FUJISOFT actively works to contribute to society for a richer future.

Original products and services born of advanced technology and rich experience. Internet business that has evolved with the maturing of lT. Ongoing social contributions pursued seriously. These are all proof of FUJISOFT's responsibility as a corporation.

Industry-academia collaboration

Endowed course on regenerative medicine at the University of Tokyo Hospital
Practical application of regenerative medicine for cartilage

Regenerative medicine technology (tissue engineering) is technology to regenerate and restore lost skin or body parts from fragments of patient tissue. Aiming for the application and practical use of this new technology in the healthcare field, FUJISOFT endows a course on cartilage and bone regenerative medicine at the University of Tokyo Hospital. The goal of the course is to contribute broadly to medicine through the manufacture of regenerated cartilage for implantation that has practical dynamic strength and exhibits effective three-dimensional form. Because the kind of implanted regenerated cartilage that the course aims for has yet to be successfully created anywhere in the world, great results are expected.

Division of Tissue Engineering,
University of Tokyo Hospital
Research and development support for practical use of pulse immunoassaying
Capital participation in AIST technology transfer venture

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) technology transfer venture Pulse-Immuno Tech Corp. is commercializing analysis technology that utilizes immune response. Immune response is an important method for diagnosing illnesses such as infectious diseases and cancer, but the time and cost required are problematic. Pulse immunoassaying can solve these problems. FUJISOFT has a capital stake in Pulse-Immuno Tech. It is jointly developing software for the project's image analysis program and the maintenance network for its specialized equipment.
Immunized latex particles before application of pulse voltage During application/pearl chain formation


New Radio-Control System
Interference-free radio control with multiple devices

FUJISOFT has developed a New Radio-Control System using digital wireless for the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament, which it sponsors, and the All Japan Robot American Football Tournament, which it supports. In contrast to conventional analog controllers that use a single channel and a single device for control, the New Radio-Control System is compliant with the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard, implementing a unique format that permits multiple controls on a single channel. In addition, the embedding of priority control (patent no. 3709393, obtained in 2005) enables prioritization of assigned controllers.

New Radio-Control System

Contributions to society

All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament / All Japan Robot American Football Tournament

FUJISOFT began the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament for students and adults in 1989 to provide a venue for building robots to learn fundamentals of technology, increase research ambition, foster creativity, and teach the fun of "skilled manufacture." FUJISOFT started the All Japan Robot American Football Tournament In 2005, a popular and exciting new competition. FUJISOFT hopes to contribute to Japan's "skilled manufacture" through these tournaments.

All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament / All Japan Robot American Football Tournament

Reliability measures

Obtaining Certifications
In June 1995, FUJISOFT became the first Independent software manufacturer to receive IS0 9001 certification It has continued striving to be a reliable partner, obtaining IS0 14001 certification, the Privacy Mark, and other certifications. Obtaining Certifications